Key Products You Need to Know About

Dickson Unique, Replacement Tops Program

Our unique replacement tops program empowers Hoteliers the option to replace the tops when/if they become damages at a fraction of the cost of buting a new product. Replacing a top is quick, easy, and affordable using just a Phillips screwdriver. Learn more!

Contact: Dickson Furniture | | (713) 747-0341

Bulk Liquid Refill and Dispenser Program

Let A-1 help you make the switch! Get 20% off your dispenser purchase with a bulk amenity contract! Join the thousands of hotels worldwide who are eliminating single-use plastic amenities in favor of refillable dispenser and bulk amenity solutions. Reduce landfill waste, reduce operating expenses, and see tremendous savings in just the first year. Learn more!

Speed Queen Stacked Laundry Equipment 0% Financing thru March 31, 2020

New laundry equipment. No budget headaches. That's what Speed Queen Commercial makes possible with 0% fixed-rate financing for 36 months on new stacked laundry equipment. Pack Speed Queen power and durability into small spaces with ease. See how it works here!

Stop Bed Bugs When Guests Bring Them In

The Delta Five™ Automated Bed Bug Detection System is designed to find a bed bug before the bug finds a guest. We use computer-vision technology and biological science to stop bed bugs the way they come in—one or two at a time—and prevent infestations before they can start. Learn more.