Research proves that people that are activated in their health experience improved health outcomes and reduced overall healthcare costs. But how do we ENGAGE consumers to truly ACTIVATE them?

In this webinar, the speakers will cover mobile strategies that activate consumers by delivering conversational dialogues that are tailored to the individual. Through the application of AI and behavioral science frameworks, personalized conversations that are relevant and meaningful can activate all types of consumers to adopt healthy behaviors.

What attendees will learn:
    • How to transform mobile touchpoints from one-size-fits-all push alerts to tailored interactive dialogues
    • How a large IDN improved activation through med adherence by 14.1 percentage points
    • Key insights and predictions presented by industry experts and thought leaders during the Activate 2017 event

Featured Speakers:

Chris Nicholson
Co-founder & CEO
mPulse Mobile

Chris bring 20+ years of experience in healthcare and digital technology, ranging from leadership in fortune 100 companies to dynamic startups including strategic leadership roles at Humana where he led their Strategic consultancy division. In addition to a B.A. in Marketing and an MBA, Chris completed the Harvard Executive Development Program for Healthcare Leaders.  He is passionate about disrupting healthcare with practical data driven solutions that use insights to improve business process and consumer health outcomes.

Paige Mantel
Senior Vice President
mPulse Mobile

Paige brings 20+ years of experience in consumer-centric digital technology. She is passionate about developing and delivering innovative and pragmatic solutions that delight consumers and deliver results. Prior to mPulse Mobile, Paige lead the Healthcare Division at Archer Mobile and held senior marketing roles in global technology companies. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from University of California, Davis and a MBA from University of Texas, Austin. 

Rena Brar Prayaga
Behavioral Data Scientist
mPulse Mobile

Rena Brar Prayaga is a behavioral data scientist at mPulse Mobile. With over 15 years of experience conducting research, evaluation, and analytics in education and healthcare, she is the scientific lead on how individuals and populations interact and engage with mobile solutions.


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