How long have you been searching for a remedy that actually works for up-and-coming, below-the-surface acne? Feels like forever, right? Us too. Adding a fresh perspective to the space is tech-meets-skincare brand ZitSticka. Their tiny pimple patch, the KILLA, is layered with 24 self-dissolving microdarts that infiltrate underground, cystic zits, dealing them a potent punch of oligopeptide-76 (aurein), salicylic acid, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

First, Melissa explains what kind of zit a KILLA work best on. Then, see some KILLA patches in action, commercial free. Sufficiently, wowed? We hear you — let’s talk about these microdarts. Do they hurt? How long exactly does it take for KILLA to work? Let’s hear more about KILLA’s magic zit-zapping elixir, including the lesser known antimicrobial peptide oligopeptide-76.

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Melissa Kenny

Content Strategist
With a 9-year history in beauty, fashion and culture across both editorial and brand marketing, Melissa Kenny is ZitSticka’s Content Strategist. An intermittent acne sufferer and skincare nerd, Melissa has a discerning view on what makes a product sought-after, and a panoramic awareness of the beauty realm. Before joining ZitSticka, her clients and employees included Man Repeller, Oyster Magazine, Buzzfeed, ASOS and ELLE Australia.

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