Struggling for provider directory accuracy? You’re not alone. According to conservative estimates, the commercial healthcare industry spends at least $2.1 billion annually maintaining provider databases. 

Inaccurate provider data can lead to member frustration, higher costs, and even potential litigation. Twenty-nine states have adopted laws and regulations on data reviews and audits, and new government oversight has resulted in around $60MM in provider directory settlements being levied since 2015, with lawsuits still pending.

Led by experts in healthcare legislation and analytics, this webinar provides a comprehensive approach to attaining provider data accuracy, including:

  • Overview of state-by-state data audit and review requirements
  • Provider data market research
  • Five step approach to managing data cleanup and maintenance

Attendees will receive the e-book “A Better Approach to Directory Accuracy”.


Featured Speakers

Matthew Albright

Chief Legislative Affairs Officer

With over 12 years of regulatory and public affairs experience, Matthew tracks healthcare laws that impact Zelis clients and helps to ensure that Zelis stays two steps ahead of impending legislation. Matthew has first-hand experience with healthcare legislation and regulation at both the state and federal levels. He has served as a rules specialist with Washington state, drafted numerous regulations as a director at CMS, and oversaw CAQH’s certification program that tests for conformance with ACA mandates.

Jillian Carlile, MBA

Senior Research Analyst

With a background in the fine arts and a Master’s in Business Administration, Jillian takes a creative approach to looking at problems that results in unique and innovative solutions. Inspired by the entrepreneurial environment of Strenuus, now part of Zelis Heatlhcare, Jillian has a passion for understanding industry trends, client pain points, and company assets in order to identify the opportunity where the three overlap.

Jimmy Carter

Network Analytics Executive

Jimmy is part of the business development team at Zelis, working closely with existing customers and new business relationships. Additionally, Jimmy helps drive new analytics product innovations, such as Provider360, through collaboration with various groups across the organization. Jimmy has over 8 years of business development experience as well as operations, project management and consulting.


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