Pharmaceutical excipients are defined as substances other than the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), that are intentionally included in a drug delivery system and have been evaluated for safety. As the understanding of the criticality of packaging systems and their interplay with the drug product itself is better understood, the need for drug formulators to consider packaging as an “excipient” is imperative.

Excipients have various roles in a drug formulation. They can protect the drug and aid in patient acceptability, and they can assist in assuring that the drug product maintains its integrity and continues to be effective through storage and use. These are the same roles of an injectable drug primary packaging system.

This webinar will present real-life cases and solutions, with insights to consider in mitigation of packaging risks early in the drug development process.

Featured Speakers

Liang Fang, PhD

Principal Research Scientist, Scientific Insights Lab
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Dr. Liang Fang has over 16 years of working experience in research and currently holds the Principal Research Scientist Position at West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. where he focuses on parenteral packaging materials and drug delivering devices/components, and their interactions with biologic drug formulations. Prior to West, Dr. Fang worked for Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in the field of non-mechanics and non-electronics and for Arkema Inc. as a Material Scientist and Research Scientist. He earned his B.S degree in Chemistry from Peking University and his Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from UW-Madison. Dr. Fang has also given several scientific presentations at national meetings and authored numerous peer reviewed and highly-referred articles for scientific journals.

Cathy Zhao, PhD

Director, Scientific Insights Lab
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Cathy Zhao (Formal Name Xia Zhao) has over 18 years of experience in the medical/pharmaceutical industry. She is currently the Director of Scientific Insights Lab at West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., and leads the Scientific Insights Lab to differentiate West products and services. Prior to West, Cathy worked for BD as a Principal Materials Scientist. She received her PhD and BS in polymer chemistry. Cathy is the inventor of many US and EU patents and is an active conference presenter.


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