Therapies requiring high volume injections are becoming more common across a broad range of therapeutic areas. For the growing category of injectables, multiple advances in pharmaceutical and device technologies play a role in achieving desired patient outcomes in adherence, safety and quality of life.

 Through market and patient research, the key enablers for these outcomes include transitioning from intravenous to subcutaneous injections, combination therapies, as well as new device technologies. Together these enablers are leading to new possibilities and improving patient outcomes.

 This webinar will explore why adherence, safety and quality of life are important for patients, and how these key enablers contribute towards positive outcomes. We will also discuss existing challenges, such as drug development, regulatory, patient accessibility, and how device technologies can further improve patient outcomes.

Featured Speakers

Tibor Hlobik

Sr. Director, Product Management Prefilled Systems & Delivery
West Pharmaceutical Services

With 30 years’ experience in the Pharma industry Tibor Hlobik is the Sr. Director, Product Management responsible for managing a portfolio of prefilled system and device products at West Pharmaceutical Services, a leading manufacturer of packaging components and delivery systems for injectable drugs and healthcare products.  Tibor has global responsibility for strategic planning, identifying new product development, and directly leading brand product managers as well as cross-functional teams. 

Previous roles and experience at West include marketing, technical services, quality assurance and research & development. 

Binita Bhattacharya

Manager, Design Research & Patient Experience
West Pharmaceutical Services

With 13 years’ experience in the Insights industry Binita Bhattacharya leads and manages user and patient experience research at West Pharmaceutical Services, a leading manufacturer of packaging components and delivery systems for injectable drugs and healthcare products.  Binita has responsibility for identifying unmet needs and user testing for product development efforts. Before joining West, Binita worked at Becton, Dickinson & Co., supporting insight needs for strategic innovation groups and R&D. Binita has a BS/BA in Biological Anthropology/Psychology from Kent State University, a MA in Clinical Psychology from Binghamton University, and an MBA from Rutgers University.

Andrew Moore

Director of Product Management
West Pharmaceutical Services

Andrew Moore draws from his experience in innovation and development to commercialize device/drug combination products. He is currently a Director of Product Management at West Pharmaceutical Services where he manages West’s wearable injection device portfolio, including the SmartDose injector. Before joining West, he had led development of handheld autoinjectors at SHL as Director of Development. Andrew has also contributed to the development of broad range of medical products from oxygen regulators to novel skin adhesives. Andrew holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.