Cyber threats can appear from a multitude of places suddenly – hence why they seek to “attack” the network. To keep pace with cyber threats, CISO´s need to be able to scan for threats, identify and fingerprint new threats as they arise, and understand how best to respond to them, all in real time.

Implementing end-to-end security operations is the best way to build trust, but this can’t be done without with a combination of three key factors. Enter the “Triangle of Trust,” a visual union of INSIGHT, SCALABILITY and ADAPTIVENESS that CSPs can reference when securing 5G operations.

In this engaging, informative webinar, you’ll learn from best practice cases how modern security operations can handle a vastly greater level of complexity with:
  • Automated workflows that constantly measure risk levels,
  • Control access to key operational systems and
  • Orchestrate responses to legitimate incidents.

Featured Speakers

Gerald Reddig

Head of Portfolio Marketing
Nokia Software Security

Gerald Reddig is a senior business leader with more than 20 years management experience in the IT and telecommunication industry. He is leading Nokia’s portfolio marketing for Security and Network Management solutions. He holds a master’s degree in business administration and engineering and held positions in product management and business development including leadership responsibilities for European projects in the field of mobile Internet and communication services. He is a member of the broadband forum, directs Nokia’s membership in the IoT Cybersecurity Alliance as well as leading Nokia’s Security Center in Finland.

Date:  Thursday, August 6, 2020
Time:  11am ET / 8am PT
Duration:  1 Hour

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