While monetization is the primary concern for launching 5G, a close second is how to protect the infrastructure, customers/subscribers, the network of things from threats such as fraud, intrusion and any anomalous behavior. As networks are getting sophisticated and software-enabled, the ease with which a threat can be introduced and manifested is increasing. But it not all gloom and doom because of the very reason that the threats are becoming easier - software-driven architecture and network virtualization. Data is THE most important weapon against these threats to the assets that the CSPs have invested in. 


In order to truly identify – and prevent – network and telecommunications anomalies in the 5G era, complex rules that are continually bettered need to be applied to an array of event data streaming in, to drive decisions and preventative actions. A unified approach to incorporate continuous machine learning into the upfront decision making is critical for this to work.


In this webinar, VoltDB Chief Technologist, Dheeraj Remella, will explore and illustrate how you can leverage data and machine learning for real-time threat prevention in the 5G era.


Topics covered in this presentation will include:

  • How CSPs can manage the volume, velocity, variety and complexity of fraud threats in the 5G era
  • The role of machine learning for real-time IoT intrusion detection 
  • Adhering to new 5G network protection requirements
  • And more

Featured Speaker

Dheeraj Remella

Chief Technologist

Dheeraj Remella is the Chief Technologist at VoltDB. With over 23 years of experience in the field, Dheeraj and his team have the unique opportunity to closely collaborate with customers, partners and prospects to understand their data management needs and help them to realize the business value of VoltDB and related technologies, particularly in telecom, industrial IoT and NFV implementations.


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