CMS is allowing for MA plans to expand the types of supplemental benefits offered to target the social determinants of health. A growing number of Medicare Advantage enrollees are being offered at least one supplemental benefit and that number is only expected to grow. In this webinar, experts will discuss the evolving world of these supplemental benefits from adult day care to caregiver supports, non-opioid pain management benefits and nonemergency transportation by rail hailing services — and how your health plan can best incorporate these benefits.

Topics may include:

  • An overview of what benefits the regulations allow and what’s still off-limits.
  • How to identify the right supports for certain beneficiaries, and to engage them around the social determinants of health.
  • What upsides and hurdles insurers have had with supplemental benefits and how they could evolve.
  • The social issues that may serve as an effective baseline for this work.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Andrew Renda

Associate VP, Population Health Strategy, Bold Goal


Missy Caple

Associate VP, Retail, Product Development


Paul Cain

Product Strategy Lead for Medicare Advantage Products
Cigna Medicare


Christine Leo

VP, Senior Products


Jon Hart

Chief Revenue Officer



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