The pay-TV space is changing… dramatically. Once a space dominated by conventional telco providers and cable operators – with services generally only available through a dedicated wire, typically for $100 per month or more – the industry today is undergoing significant upheaval due to the loosening of content licensing agreements and the ubiquity of video provided by the maturation of the internet. And it’s still early days in this space; those in the industry are predicting even more disruption in the years ahead.

Much of the changes in the pay-TV industry are being driven by the rise of so-called virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPDs). vMVPDs like Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV and DirecTV Now are taking packages of traditional cable and broadcast TV offerings and distributing them over the internet to a range of devices, sometimes in configurations that are much slimmer, and less expensive, than traditional cable TV channel bundles.

Thus, it’s little surprise that the vMVPD trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing. Indeed, a range of established players like Comcast, CenturyLink and Charter are now working to join the field. Moreover, Amazon, Apple and other massive tech brands may well launch their own vMVPD services in the near future.

This upheaval raises a number of important questions: How many vMVPD providers can the industry support? How might new and established players win share in a relatively nascent industry? And how will this white-hot space eventually mature? This Fierce webinar will tackle these questions and more.

Featured Speakers:

Tony Gunnarsson

Principal Analyst

Responsible for Ovum’s global OTT Video forecasting, Tony is an authority on the international expansion of Netflix and Amazon, and the increasingly mature online video subscription market. Tony joined Ovum in 2014 as an analyst in the TV practice, and today he heads up Ovum’s global OTT Video research and forecasting, focusing on OTT Video subscription services and the online future of TV. Prior to joining Ovum, Tony was a Senior Analyst at IHS Media (formerly Screen Digest) where he covered Home Entertainment, focusing on the transition from physical formats to OTT platforms.

Steve Sklar

Vice President, OTT Products and Content Strategy

Steve Sklar has worked in the video and communications industry since 1988 and is currently Vice President, OTT Video Products and Content Strategy for CenturyLink. In this role he oversees the company’s OTT and TV Everywhere initiatives and content strategy for all video products. Until recently, Sklar led CenturyLink’s Video Strategy and Development group and was responsible for product development, engineering and programming.

Michael Scott Keyserling

Head of Content Acquisition and Distribution Partnerships

Mike oversees Philo’s relationships with top programmers in the industry leading all content acquisition with Philo’s key programming partners, as well as oversees Philo’s sales and marketing teams for the company. Mike has a history of driving end-to-end life cycles of multi-platform media products from conception and sales through delivery and ongoing operations. He has a proven track record with both large content networks and technology startups.


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