Melbourne, Australia is a premier location for clinical trials, building on a strong foundation of talent, world-class infrastructure, and a vibrant culture of collaboration.

Meet the professionals helping clients from around the Globe to access the benefits available through Melbourne’s world renowned clinical trials ecosystem.

Those involved with setting up, conducting or managing Pre-Clinical and Clinical Stage studies whether you are the Head of Clinical Operations, CSO, CFO or CEO, this webinar will help you understand how Melbourne and its world-class clinical network can help your company get your studies up and running faster, at lower cost with better results than anywhere else around the world.

The quality and cost of clinical trials are critically important for most companies and investors seeking to progress new drugs and therapies to the market. Let Melbourne, Australia be your trusted partner in this vitally important effort.

Featured Speakers

Cameron Johnson

Nucleus Network

Nucleus Network is Australia’s leading clinical research organisation for the conduct of Early Phase Clinical Trials. Its people, facilities, consistent quality and problem-solving culture provide excellent service to global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Kurt Lackovic

Cancer Trials Australia

Cancer Trials Australia (CTA) is a highly effective member based clinical trial network and site service organization, which has provided clinical trial administrative support to its members for over 20 years.  Since its inception in 1993, CTA has administered the start-up and management of over 1,200 oncology clinical trials, sponsored by over 230 different organizations that have recruited in excess of 7,000 patients.  CTA administers oncology clinical trials that range from first-time-in-human trials to large scale Phase III trials. 

Georgia King Siem

Director R&D
KPMG Australia

Georgia is an R&D incentive specialist in KPMG Australia's R&D Advisory group. Her areas of practice focus on R&D tax incentives, venture capital and government grants. Georgia is also a member of KPMG’s global R&D advisory group which helps firms consider their longer term global R&D and commercialisation strategies


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