Tomorrow’s healthcare could be unrecognizable to today’s industry leaders.

New market entrants from retail and consumer electronics are challenging the industry with innovative paradigms for care – re-establishing the potential of digital health – and driving established healthcare organizations toward consumer-centricity.

Innovations in the delivery of technology are challenging the traditional management of chronic conditions. And, fervent emphasis on the digital experience makes integrating digital interventions, virtual coaching, and home health delivery models a key to success in the coming year.

With an election on the horizon and healthcare at the forefront of social and political conversations, we’re breaking down the trends, innovations, and status quos for the year ahead. From IoT to social equity, a panel of experts from the Payer, Provider, and Health IT markets will discuss what organizations need to know to be successful in 2020.

Featured Speakers

Drew Schiller


Drew Schiller co-founded and serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Board Director at Validic, the digital health platform for connecting patient-generated data from in-home medical devices, health apps, and wearables to the healthcare system. A patented technologist, Drew believes that technology will humanize the healthcare experience for patients and care providers.

Peter Rasmussen, MD, FAHA, FAANS, FSNIS

Medical Director of Digital Health
Professor of Neurosurgery Cerebrovascular Center - Neurological Institute
Cleveland Clinic

Peter A. Rasmussen, MD, is the Medical Director of Digital Health and Professor of Neurosurgery in the Cerebrovascular Center at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. As Medical Director of Digital Health he is charged with guiding the Clinic’s overall digital health strategy and implementation of their digital medicine portal “Express Care Online” which is the Clinic’s virtual portal for on-demand, scheduled and new remote consultation services.

Jeff Reid

Senior Vice President, Humana Wellness Solutions

Jeff Reid, Senior Vice President, Humana Wellness Solutions, is responsible for leading Humana’s wellness business. Jeff leads a team focused on using behavior science, consumer data and digital solutions to improve population health. Jeff leads Humana’s wellness and rewards solutions including the flagship product Go365 which is a nationally recognized wellness rewards and incentives program that encourages members to make healthy lifestyle choices. 


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