As the volume of patient-generated data expands and care continues to move outside of the four walls of the hospital, health systems are increasingly leveraging PGHD to derive actionable insights and communicate with patients in meaningful ways. Data from these technologies are powering personalized approaches to remote monitoring, population management, and patient engagement – indicating the transformative impact PGHD has on the operational efficiency of healthcare.

For those trying to navigate the complexities of home health monitoring, join these industry experts for a session on the strategies and tools needed to navigate the integration of remotely-collected data into clinical workflows.

Featured Speakers:

Drew Schiller

Drew Schiller co-founded and serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Board Director at Validic, the leading digital health platform for connecting patient-generated data from apps, wearables, and in-home medical devices to the healthcare system. He serves as a Board Member of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Health & Fitness Technology Division and contributes to moving the industry forward through his work with CTA Health & Fitness Standards.

Martin Entwistle
Ares Health Systems

Responsible for the development and deployment of programs of care for prevention and disease management that drive sustained high levels of engagement by patients. This includes the Mpower™ system for personalized care, integrated with the EHR and third party data systems, which has been migrated from an innovation project to an operationalized, enterprise application deployed across Sutter Health, a not-for-profit healthcare provider serving 2 million patients in Northern California.


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