[eBook] How to Take Mobile Video Mainstream

Video is increasingly moving from broadcast, cable, telco and satellite links and onto the internet. And it’s clear that this trend is having a profound effect on the wider media and telecom industries. Indeed, tech upstarts are increasingly challenging established market heavyweights, the pace of consolidation is quickening, and it’s unclear which players might eventually rise to the top.

But for video viewers, the changes are perhaps even more profound. Gone are the days when family and friends gather around a big screen in a living room. Now, video viewing is increasingly moving onto smaller, more portable screens including those on smartphones and tablets. Video, it’s clear, is going mobile.

But how exactly will this trend play out in the months and years ahead, and how will players across the industry – from wireless carriers to media companies – react to this shift? How might wireless networks and devices adjust to the load that video will put onto providers? And perhaps most importantly, what kinds of technologies and techniques can be employed to ensure that on-the-go users don’t give up on their video amid unsightly data expenses or sluggish buffering?

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