Scientists are the literal lifeblood of new product development and innovation, but they often spend much of their time simply pulling together data to conduct analysis in hopes of key learnings. The biggest lever that R&D leaders have today is to implement tools that make this learning process faster and easier, through better data tools This Webinar will focus on the benefits of implementing a true data infrastructure, and the challenges that organizations will face along this journey.

    • Identifying where on the digitalization journey your R&D organization is
    • What is meant by "structured data capture"
    • The steps necessary to implement a structured data solution successfully, and common pitfalls
    • The short term and long term benefits of a truly connected R&D team

Featured Speaker

Will Tashman

Chief Revenue Officer

Will Tashman is Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Uncountable. In his role, he works closely with Uncountable's customers to implement their larger vision for material informatics across vastly different fields, delivering high-performing solutions that are tailor made to customer nuances.


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