When it comes to prescription drugs, softgels are not often top of mind for formulators. Drug developers tend to lean towards tablets and capsules, perhaps due to perceived simplicity and reliability. Softgels, however, present numerous benefits for both patient and drug developer alike.

Join Thermo Fisher Scientific to learn how softgels can:

  • Enhance bioavailability
  • Provide proper containment for highly potent APIs
  • Allow for product content uniformity
  • Encourage patient compliance
  • Allow your program to scale quickly

Discussion will also cover Thermo Fisher’s proprietary technology options for innovative Rx softgels and case studies showing the advantages these formulations offer.

Featured Speaker

Kevin Kane, PhD

Global SME
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Kevin provides technical consulting for early formulation development programs and spray drying services, with expertise in finding solutions that align with a client’s clinical study design for small molecules with biopharmaceutic and physicochemical challenges. Kevin brings more than 25 years of industrial experience in synthesis, formulation and solubilization technologies, and adaptive clinical studies, having worked as an independent consultant and as a scientist at various CDMOs including Bend Research and Quotient Sciences in addition to his 8 years at Patheon Thermo Fisher. Kevin has a PhD Inorganic Chemistry (Ohio University), MS Polymer Chemistry and BS Chemistry (Texas State University).


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