To meet regulatory requirements and scale-up the production of protein-based drugs, the biopharmaceutical industry seeks to improve raw material identification and implement process analytical technologies (PAT) to gain understanding of processes with enhance monitoring. Raman, NIR, and industrial mass spectrometry provide significant advantages in raw materials verification and bioprocess monitoring.

During this webinar, Thermo Scientific’s Robert C. Brush will discuss the use of handheld Raman and NIR analyzers and industrial mass spectroscopy for material verification and end-to-end bioprocess monitoring. Topics will include:

  • Expanded material identification for highly similar materials with the combination of Raman spectroscopy and chemometrics; examples include:
    • Polysorbates through amber glass
    • Chemically-defined cell culture media
  • Cell culture and fermentation monitoring
  • Spectroscopy for improved downstream PAT applications:
    • Solvent quantification
    • NIR moisture analysis of lyophilized materials
  • Biologic bulk product identification
    • Near real-time discrimination of complex biological molecules using handheld Raman analyzer
    • Strengthen brand security screening

Featured Speaker

Robert C. Brush

Spectroscopy Applications Manager
Thermo Scientific

In his current role, Mr. Brush develops innovative chemistry monitoring solutions with a focus on supplying regulatory-compliant tools for previously unmet commercial manufacturing needs. In conjunction with the sales and product management teams, he shares best practices with customers and consults on the most effective use of portable Raman, NIR, and FTIR platforms.


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