Early, upfront planning of your clinical supply chain is critical to ensuring programs effectively balance risk and cost. When resources are limited and time is essential, early planning can optimize key parameters for study supplies including risk mitigation strategies to avoid stock outs and study delays, minimizing waste with optimized inventory, and forecasting demand to facilitate robust supply planning. Join Simon Caviezel, Program Director for Thermo Fisher Scientific to uncover the benefits and best practices to progress your clinical program smoothly from start to finish.

Featured Speaker

Simon Caviezel

Program Director
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Simon is a program director for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Clinical Supply Optimization service. Bringing more than nine years of industry experience to the business, Simon has a broad knowledge and a wealth of experience managing clinical study supply on both local and global trials. During his time in the industry, Simon has developed a thorough understanding of how supply chain planning must align with risk mitigation to be able to reliably provide the right product to the right patient at the right time.