A 5-day email course for travel advisors sponsored by Catalan Tourist Board.

As an industry expert, you know that Europe continues to be one of the most popular vacation spots for your clients. As a result of high demand, overtourism has become a concern in the top-visited cities. Combat the crowds by suggesting alternate destinations that check all the boxes for an ideal European getaway. We’re here to help, starting with Catalonia! In our latest five-day email course, we’ll go beyond Barcelona and explore how the entire region of Catalonia—one of the most diverse destinations in the world—can help you increase your European revenue.

Day 1
The Changing Face of European Travel
Market Demand: Fewer Crowds
Avoid the Crowds: Think Creatively, Sell Strategically

Day 2
Consider Selling Secondary Destinations
Choose a Destination that Still Checks All the Boxes
Qualifying Clients Traveling to Europe

Day 3
Sell Authentic Catalan Culture Year-Round
Day Trips from Barcelona
Selling Europe in the Shoulder Season

Day 4
‘Exotic’ Europe Does Exist in Catalonia
Selling the Region
Bonus Commissions: Pre- and Post-Cruise Bookings

Day 5
Selling Beyond Barcelona
Immersive Catalonia Experiences
Shorten the Sales Cycle by Anticipating Customer Needs

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