Join the cybersecurity experts at Sophos as they illustrate the tools and techniques used by hackers to penetrate healthcare networks. Understand how your organization can boost their security profile and defend against the ever-evolving threat landscape in the year ahead.

Featured Speakers

Andrew Mundell

Enterprise Security Engineer

Andrew provides new and existing customers with expert insight into the latest threats and advising on strategy across all areas of the Sophos portfolio, including Next Generation protection techniques against malware attacks, data protection/encryption and network security. Andrew brings a wealth of experience working on international projects with some of Sophos' largest global customers and is excited to share his experience and industry vision.

Matthew Hickey

Director of Sales Engineering

Matthew works in the trenches with Sophos technical experts and customers to determine how current threats, including ransomware and signatureless exploits, are causing businesses to rethink their security strategy. This expertise gives Hickey a “real-world” view of the threat landscape, and provides IT managers with direction for security deployment based on vulnerabilities, attack type and how employees work today – on the go with mobile devices, with remote access to the network on laptops, in the cloud, etc. Hickey got his start in the field of Information Security working for SIAC (Securities Industry Automation Corporation), at the time, a subsidiary of the New York and American Stock Exchanges. This experience, on one of the most demanding production networks, gave him unique insight in the challenges facing network operations staff.  After working several years on Wall Street he continued honing his skills in this field at Lockheed Martin. There he worked on several projects for the Department of Defense. This work included conducting security audits, penetration testing and developed network security operational guides for very high profile, security conscious customers. Prior to Sophos, Hickey worked with the leaders in the security industry, including Dell-SonicWALL, Brocade and Fortinet, to help deploy network security solutions for customers in both the commercial and federal verticals. As a well-versed security veteran, Hickey is a frequent speaker at industry events for IT and channel partner audiences. 


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