[eBrief] Transform Your Customer Experience with ServiceNow

As the industry braces for the 5G era and the proliferation of IoT devices, CSPs are digitally transforming their core networks in anticipation of a more cohesive, cloud-focused future characterized by best-of-breed, centralized platforms. As these transformations take place, the telecom market faces potent challenges—for example, the need to be proactive with their customer service, the necessity to break down organization silos, and the importance of moving away from legacy environments. Despite such challenges, there are fantastic new opportunities awaiting CSPs.

Industry-leading ServiceNow stands behind a unified platform that allows clients to streamline customer service processes, scale to an enterprise level, and capture many data points. The ServiceNow platform—with its user-friendly workflows, its omnichannel capabilities, and its provision of a 360-degree customer view—provides the ability to integrate with many systems, helping CSPs become more efficient.

Read this eBrief to learn how the ServiceNow platform can not only revolutionize customer experience, but also bring a new, iterative approach to operations and accelerate time to value for service providers.

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