[eBrief] Where the IoT Will Go From Here

The internet of things has long been a hot buzzword in tech circles, with many predicting the space will see enormous growth during the coming years. However, aside from some connected lights, monitored vehicles, and other relatively simple solutions, the IoT industry remains a sector comprised mostly of potential rather than results.

Nonetheless, players across the spectrum continue to make small but important gains as technologies improve and business models become clearer. Thus, the question now becomes: Where will the IoT industry go from here? How might players in the market move from initial, showcase deployments to widespread adoption?

This eBrief will tackle this question from a variety of perspectives. How will the networks of today and tomorrow match the IoT business case? How will IoT devices evolve as the sector develops? What kinds of providers – and business models – are arising to meet this opportunity? And perhaps most importantly, what kinds of customers – big and small – are using the internet of things today, and how might that usage change in the future?

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