With price transparency proposals gaining traction this year, it is more important than ever for teams to understand how new regulations might impact care workflows and how to best provide actionable pricing information at the point-of-care.  While receiving and displaying prescription pricing information is no easy feat, for patients, physicians, and health systems, accessing coverage and cost information can reduce sticker-shock, drive adherence, and improve health outcomes. Price transparency isn’t just possible — it is essential in bringing value to the healthcare ecosystem.

Join experts as they discuss:

  • Updates on price transparency legislation and how the presidential election might impact price transparency requirements
  • How January 1st rules will impact physician workflows and the tools they use every day
  • The latest research highlighting the indisputable desire for pricing information at the point-of-care
  • Best practices for implementing prescription price transparency tools in the EHR

Featured Speakers

Kyle Kiser

President and Chief Strategy Officer

Kyle is responsible for setting the strategic direction of RxRevu. He brings over a decade of healthcare expertise working with payer, provider, and employer organizations, and has led product launches with some of the nation’s largest payers. At RxRevu, Kyle has helped make prescription price transparency a reality for millions of Americans.

Joel White

Council for Affordable Health Coverage

Joel is the President of the Council for Affordable Health Coverage and the Founder and President of Horizon Government Affairs. He focuses his work on campaigns dealing with price transparency and medication adherence (Clear Choices and Prescriptions for a Healthy America). In addition, Joel is the Executive Director of the Health Innovation Alliance, an HGA effort to expand adoption and use of health IT to improve outcomes and lower costs.


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