Join Rums of Puerto Rico ambassador Ramon Diaz, as he takes you on a journey through the history of various Puerto Rican rum brands. You will learn about the history, attributes, characteristics and flavors of some of our top brands like Bacardi, Don Q, Ron del Barrilito. A seminar about how Puerto Rican Rum is manufactured, our standards and regulations and why we are The Rum Capital of the World. At the end, you will have learned the process of making rum and sipping a good rum.  

Rums of Puerto Rico Program is a government agency, a division of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico created in 1948 to promote the sugar cane industry and portrait the excellence in craftmanship of all rums made in Puerto Rico. Join us  TO learn THE VARIETY AND VERSATILITY OF ALL OUR RUMS.  And discover why Puerto Rico is the rum capital of the World.


Speaker 1

Ramon Diaz Garcia

Rums of Puerto Rico
Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ramon Diaz Garcia is a Rum Ambassador and Mixologist for the Rums of Puerto Rico Program since 2008. As a Rum Ambassador, Mr. Diaz works offering his knowledge in history, aging, rum making and traditions of the Rums of Puerto Rico for extraordinary events, bartending schools, conventions and rum festivals in the island and around the United States. With a BBA in Management and Finance and a Degree in Accounting, is the perfect combination to represent the best rums of the world.

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