[eBrief] The Rise of Fiber Infrastructure

The dawn of the 5G era will require a massive infusion of fiber deep into networks to provide a foundation for the explosion of mobile data traffic that will occur around 2020. To prepare for this infusion, you need to plan now for your next fiber upgrade. If you don’t, you face the prospect of rebuilding entire networks later to support future applications—while suffering from increased competition and subscriber losses.

With its unrivaled breadth of experience and deep portfolio, Corning can help you achieve a smooth migration and set the stage for expanding into new market segments—or becoming more efficient in existing segments. In this Corning eBrief, you will learn key factors to consider when determining which type of fiber-fed architecture is right for your environment and your future, including the importance of planning, the use of new techniques, and the case for smart reuse of existing technology and infrastructure.

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