Telehealth is becoming the “new normal” for healthcare delivery and optimization.

Providers now have an imperative to evaluate and use cloud-based communications platforms to support next generational virtual care services.

Join Gregg Malkary, Michael Brown, and RingCentral as they explore how cloud-based communications can enrich the telehealth experience for clinicians and patients through integrated messaging, video, and phone capabilities.

Featured Speakers

Gregg Malkary

Founder and Managing Director
Spyglass Consulting

Gregg Malkary is the Founder and Managing Director of Spyglass Consulting. With more than 30 years of strategic planning, marketing, and business development experience, he is a nationally recognized leader in digital and clinical transformation, helping its clients create, protect, and transform business value to support executive decision making, drive innovation, and enable sustainable competitive advantage.

Michael Brown

IT Operations Manager
Pacific Dental Services

Michael Brown is the IT Operations Manager at Pacific Dental Services. He is an expert in migrating businesses from on-premise communications to cloud unified platforms. He’s on a mission to connect business and clients to collaborate and drive profitability while preserving and fostering the patient journey.

Lance Mehaffey

Senior Director of Healthcare Product Marketing

Lance Mehaffey is the Senior Director of Healthcare Product Marketing at RingCentral. He has spent over 20 years exploring the healthcare space while leading go to market strategy for global communications vendors, and as a healthcare facility administrator. He focuses heavily on how communication, contact center, and collaboration solutions can enable providers to realize: virtual points of care, connected care teams, and intelligent patient engagement.