We all have experienced unwanted, annoying robocalls. Some of us, or someone you know, has even been the recipient of fraud attack. Because we all experience this, you already know what your customers do when they receive a phone call from a number they do not know or recognize, they ignore it. That is not good for your business, your enterprise customers business, or your end subscribers who no longer trust the phone call.

What if you had a way to prove, in real-time, on a per call-basis, that the incoming call was from a legitimate source, for legitimate purpose, and had no malicious intent? You might wonder will there ever be such a day?

Some of you might think STIR/SHAKEN is the answer, and it is a good start to authenticate and verify caller ID. But it does not work with non-IP networks and it cannot determine caller intent or reputation. For that you need more, you need a complete Identity Assurance solution.

Attend this webinar to hear how Ribbon is tackling this problem. Learn about Ribbon Call TrustTM, an identity assurance solution that encompasses STIR/SHAKEN and on a per-call, real-time basis will: determine caller intent and identify bad actors from network and call data analytics; provide multi-dimensional reputation scoring using Machine Learning algorithms; and recommend optimal call validation treatment. And will do this for both IP and TDM phone calls. With Ribbon Call Trust™ you can defeat robocalls and fraud attacks, truly restoring your customer’s trust in the phone.

Featured Speaker

Ram Ramanathan

Sr Director, Product Management
Ribbon Communications

As Sr. Director of Product Management at Ribbon Communications, Ram Ramanathan leads product initiatives and sets direction for the Call Trust solution, SBC Core portfolio, Policy & Routing and Network Management solutions. As part of Ribbon’s roadmap planning, Ram sets the direction for STIR-SHAKEN and Robocall & Fraud call mitigation solution initiatives across Ribbon’s product portfolio. He has been involved with standardization efforts, ATIS interoperability testing and promoting an industry-wide discussion of implementation best practices.

Ram has more than 20 years of Technology R&D, Systems Architecture and Product Management leadership expertise. Prior to Ribbon, he served as the Director of Product Management for Gateway, Signaling and Policy products at Sonus Networks; Distinguished Systems Architect at Sonus and has held Software R&D leadership roles at Starent, Tellabs, General Datacom and Racal Datacom. Ram holds an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology.

Date:  Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Time:  11am EST / 8am PST
Duration:  1 Hour

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