Hybrid, Virtual, and Synthetic clinical trials are becoming a part of an increasing number of drug and biologics development programs. In this webinar, Rho experts discuss how their approach to maximizing the benefits of decentralized trials helps sponsors get the most out of their trials through offering solutions that:

  • Bridge the gap across an ever-increasing number of data collection systems
  • Leverage the information real-time
  • Bring this information to bear on business decisions, clinical trial execution decisions, and marketing application dossiers

Join us as Rho experts discuss their approach to maximizing the benefits of decentralized trials.

Featured Speakers

Rob Woolson

Chief Strategist, Biostatistics & Standards for Regulatory Submissions

Rob Woolson has 14 years’ experience in the analysis of complex data. He has conducted statistical analyses in all phases of drug development (Phase I through IV, NDAs, and BLAs) and has led SDTM/ADaM dataset conversion projects in multiple therapeutic areas. He has held a leadership role in six CDISC-compliant regulatory submissions, having guided the creation of ISS/ISE statistical analysis plans; integrated analysis dataset design and production; integrated display design and production; and submission-related documentation development. He has authored responses to numerous FDA queries and has represented sponsors at FDA in-person meetings.

Derek Lawrence

Associate Director, Data Management

Derek Lawrence has over 10 years of data management and analysis experience in the health care/pharmaceutical industry, working to advance programmatic automation, integration, and streamlining of work between functional areas across numerous therapeutic areas. He serves as one of Rho's Biometrics Leads, an internal expert responsible for disseminating the application of new technology, best practices, and processes and is responsible for overseeing the development, integration, and maintenance of clinical data capture systems, executing metadata-driven programmatic solutions to database development & data cleaning, creating and implementing analytics solutions, and fostering inter-functional area collaboration and innovation.


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