UNITY Biotechnology partnered with Rho to execute a complex and fast-moving Osteoarthritis program with three concurrent clinical trials and database locks scheduled during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this webinar, hear from both the Sponsor and CRO about the creative solutions they implemented and how they worked together to pivot quickly and meet critical study timelines in the midst of the pandemic. Topics in this webinar will include:

  1. Challenges this team overcame during program execution
  2. Real-world solutions to keep your program on-track during COVID-19
  3. Insights for productive collaboration between Sponsors and CROs

Featured Speakers

Akbar Khan

Vice President Clinical Operations
UNITY Biotechnology

Akbar has over 25 years of experience in managing global clinical studies and high-throughput research operations.  He has led the overall strategic planning, implementation and delivery of multiple clinical programs in multiple indications and disease areas. He has a collaborative leadership approach in managing studies while continuing to identify program risks, develop mitigation strategies and implement solutions to meet corporate goals.  Mr. Khan is experienced in transitioning multiple programs from research to multi-national global pharmaceutical studies. He received his BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California, Davis.

Nicholas Poulson

Senior Project Manager

Nick has 8 years of clinical trial experience managing, monitoring, and coordinating Phase 2-4 clinical trials across various therapeutic areas, including pain. He received his doctorate Degree in Cell Biology with a focus on cell division and the cell cycle from Duke University. With this experience also comes expertise in managing at home reported assessments via paper diaries and ePRO devices to ensure timely and accurate reporting by subjects. Additionally, he has a strong understanding of clinical trial management and delivery requirements that has allowed him to successfully lead teams to meet timeline deliverables for various multi-center trials.

Fran Sawyer

Clinical Team Lead

Fran has over 13 years of industry experience including serving as a lead on a Vaccine, Cardiovascular, Pain, COPD, and Osteoarthritis trials. Her other study indications include high risk vascular disease and lowering LDL, atrial fibrillation, asthma, graft versus host, breast cancer, and sickle cell disease. She joined Rho in 2014 and is a seasoned leader with training and mentoring experience. Ms. Sawyer has a strong understanding of clinical trial management and delivery requirements that has allowed her teams to successfully meet data timeline deliverables for various multi-center trials. She is also adept in all aspects of GCPs, regulatory requirements, and site management. Ms. Sawyer earned her BS from North Carolina State University in Raleigh.


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