This session will explore new business opportunities for private 5G networks, a dedicated local cellular network, that uses licensed spectrum in the near term, but also unlicensed spectrum as 5G NR evolves. The market potential for private 5G networks is large, ranging from industrial IoT to enterprises. For enterprises, there is also an opportunity to offer indoor private mmWave networks to deliver extreme mobile capacity. The support for 5G NR in shared/unlicensed spectrum creates additional opportunities for both mobile network operator and other entities, as private networks proliferates to even more places. But what is possible if we would take a more revolutionary approach and explore new sharing paradigms such as time synchronization and spatial domain targeting greenfield spectrum?

Featured Speaker

Rasmus Hellberg , Ph.D.

Senior Director, Technical Marketing
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Rasmus Hellberg joined Qualcomm in 2006 and leads the corporate technical marketing team that drives the Company’s visions for future technologies, such as the wireless evolution, the path to 5G and the evolution of mobile computing. Rasmus has spent 20 years in the wireless industry and started his career in product management, working on the Japanese PDC system, the first commercial WCDMA products, and later on CDMA2000 1X and EV-DO focusing on radio access network products.


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