5G is going mainstream across the globe, and this is an exciting time to harness the low latency, high capacity, high reliability, and flexibility of 5G for emerging applications, like boundless XR and cloud gaming. These applications distribute processing such that on-device processing is augmented by high-performance edge cloud graphics rendering over a high-capacity low-latency 5G connection. Distributing the processing over 5G can offer the best of both worlds – boundless mobile experiences with photorealistic visuals in a sleek device. Join this webinar to learn:

  • How low-latency 5G enables applications like boundless XR and cloud gaming
  • The latest results from our boundless XR  5G testbed at the Qualcomm campus
  • Our end-to-end 5G optimizations and the 5G evolution path for enhancing low-latency applications

Featured Speaker

Hemanth Sampath

Sr. Director of Engineering
Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

Hemanth Sampath leads the 5G R&D project at Qualcomm for emerging use-cases like XR, cloud gaming and private networks.   Prior to this role, he was the systems engineering lead for Wi-Fi R&D, shaping 802.11 standards and core technologies like MU-MIMO and Mesh. From 2004-2008, he held systems lead roles on 4G (UMB) modem and standard.  He received the 2013 Qualcomm IP Excellence Award and holds more than 290 patents. Prior to Qualcomm, he worked at Iospan Wireless (acquired by Intel) and Marvell Semiconductors. Hemanth received the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2001.