[eBrief] Mobile mmWave Is Here — and Indoor Deployment Opportunities Abound

This year, our vision for 5G is finally turning into a commercial reality as global mobile operators and device manufacturers have started to launch commercial 5G NR networks and mobile devices that include smartphones, laptops, and more. In many regions of the world, mmWave is a part of this initial 5G NR deployments planned for 2019, and it is poised to bring massive capacity, multi-gigabit-per-second, and low-latency connectivity for a wide range of new and enhanced mobile use cases.

With more than 80% of mobile data traffic originating or terminating indoors, one enormous opportunity for mobile operators and service providers is to bring mmWave services to indoor venues and enterprises. However, there has been a lot of skepticism on how well mmWave can perform in the challenging indoor environment, which requires predominantly non-line-of-sight connectivity to overcome blockages from walls, glass barriers, pillars, people, and more.

This paper covers the following:

  • Recent technology innovations that have overcome the mobile mmWave challenge
  • New indoor use cases that 5G NR mmWave is bringing
  • The best practices for deploying indoor mmWave networks
  • 5G NR mmWave coverage and performance in real-life indoor venues and enterprises

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