[eBrief] Boundless XR with Photorealistic Visuals

Taking Extended Reality (XR) to the next level of immersion within the power and thermal constraints of mobile devices is the key challenge the market faces today. The forthcoming XR business opportunity is to make it possible for people to walk around anywhere, any time, and enjoy a mobile XR experience with photorealistic visuals—but how can we deliver the next level of immersion on sleek mobile XR glasses? That future reality is closer than you might think!

In this nascent market of boundless XR, the coming wireless edge transformation—which introduces a new era in distributed computing powered by 5G, on-device processing, and edge cloud processing—can offer a solution. But making this vision a reality will require the entire XR and 5G ecosystem to come together.

This eBrief discusses:

  • The challenges of mobile XR and achieving the next level of immersion
  • A distributed computing XR architecture that augments essential on-device processing with edge cloud processing over 5G
  • The boundless XR business opportunity, the role of the XR and 5G ecosystem, and the benefits of them working together
  • Potential new experiences made possible by boundless XR

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