Experience the power of pci | bridge

Interested in complete supply chain real-time data visibility? Learn what happens for our pharma and biopharma clients as they:

Access real-time data throughout the supply chain for making better decisions

Stay informed on inventory levels and production runs

Manage projects in a collaborative and digital way

pci | bridge offers a suite of features geared to help our customers unlock productivity with digital workflows, manage plants inventory with real-time supply chain information and enable faster decision-making with data visualization. Come hear how real clients are using the tool and learn from their experience.

Featured Speakers

Wendy Xia

Senior Director, Head of Supply Chain
Agios Pharmaceuticals

Ms. Xia currently holds the position of Head of Supply Chain at Agios Pharmaceutical located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Her responsibility includes clinical supplies, commercial supplies, logistic/commercial distribution and supply chain planning. Wendy is a chemist by training and has spent her early years in Chemical Development as a process chemist and analytical chemist. She then spent 20 years in Quality and Supply Chain organizations in major pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey before relocating to Cambridge, Massachusetts joining Agios in 2014. In 6 years, Wendy has successfully built a complete supply chain organization supporting clinical and commercial portfolios. 

Brett Rice

Associate Director, Clinical Supply Chain
Agios Pharmaceuticals

Brett Rice is currently an Associate Director, Clinical Supply Chain at Agios Pharmaceuticals located in Cambridge, MA. He has over 14+ years' experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, all within the clinical supply chain.  Brett's experience over that time includes everything from protocol supporting demand planning, packaging, and distribution to multi-phase global program level supply chain management, while recent experience has expanded to include managed access supply chain.  Additionally, Brett has served as a relationship manager promoting key vendor collaborations within the Clinical Supply Chain organization.  Previous industry experience prior to joining Agios in 2017 includes time at Altus Pharmaceuticals, Biogen and Infinity Pharmaceuticals.

Morgan Brandt

Global Director of Digital Products
PCI Pharma Services

Morgan Brandt is the Global Director of Digital Products for PCI Pharma Services. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the digital space and has previously worked for Capital One, DuPont and AmerisourceBergen. Morgan completed her MBA in Marketing with honors from Saint Joseph’s University.


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