Healthcare is becoming more virtual and digital healthcare tools more common, which presents new challenges and opportunities for pharma sales. In response, brands are turning to innovative digital solutions to enhance and augment sales, including intelligent bots powered by conversational AI that can automate and augment HCP education and support. But not all bots are made the same, and there are just as many failures as there are success stories. 

In this session, you’ll hear from leading agency experts working to transform HCP experiences with conversational AI voice and chatbots.

Featured Speakers

Chris Cullmann

Digital and Marketing Strategy

Chris Cullmann is an expert in digital media and marketing strategy for healthcare and pharmaceutical brands. The focus of Chris’ career for almost two decades has been innovating in healthcare communication. A thought leader in the field of healthcare, Chris has been named one of the most 100 inspiring leaders in healthcare marketing by PharmaVOICE. His perspectives on mobile health technologies and social media marketing have appeared in trade journals and white papers. Chris has developed innovative branding campaigns for J&J/Janssen, Novartis, Merck, GSK, Bayer, Pfizer, and other leading corporations.

Kristen Mignon

Customer Success Manager

Kristen Mignon is a Customer Success Manager at Orbita. Prior to Orbita, Kristen held roles focused on HCP and patient engagement both in person, as a sales representative at Allergan, and digitally at the point of care at Ogilvy Health. Through these experiences Kristen has touched many therapeutic areas and provided solutions and resources to physicians and patients alike to improve overall experiences with different therapies. Kristen received her bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College.

Nate Treloar

President and Co-founder

Nathan Treloar is President and Co-founder of Orbita. He’s a respected expert and frequent speaker on consumer and business trends in voice and conversational user experiences in healthcare, as well as search, text and data mining, content management, and knowledge management, and has advised hundreds of the world’s largest companies and government agencies on their applications. Previously, Nathan held key executive positions at FAST Search, Microsoft, RAMP, and Ektron.

Kate Horvath

Pharma and Medical Device Client Strategy and Innovation

Kate Horvath launched her digital career at PHD Media, supporting the GlaxoSmithKlein (GSK) advertising investment, where she managed vendor relationships and negotiated respective media buys, analyzed campaign performance metrics with continuous optimizations and recommendations, and created analytical buy summaries. With a strong foundation in media planning, she grew her advertising experience on the publishing side at Hearst Media Solutions, developing ahead-of-the-curve marketing experiences for fashion, retail and lifestyle brands, rooted in bespoke video and thoughtful editorial experiences, strategically delivered to custom audience segments at scale across multiple touchpoints of a consumer journey. During this period, she was a content marketer for, writing and developing partner social media posts, e-mail blasts, subscriber newsletters and News Channel blog posts. She joined PROPELLER in 2019, a healthcare marketing agency, bringing new thinking and a unique cross-industry perspective, as well as a deep understanding of the digital media landscape— integral in efficiently and effectively personalizing and evolving healthcare professional customer experience. Kate currently leads Pharma and Medical Device client strategy and innovation—from business planning and positioning and messaging to breakthrough tactical recommendations. She also oversees company-wide people and culture initiatives, including the vision of Propeller Pulse, PROPELLwell, virtual onboarding, training, and more.