Healthcare organizations have modernized and digitized their EMRs and other clinical applications and clinical data.  It’s now time to focus on driving and aligning operational excellence with care transformation.  Learn how organizations such as Adventist Health, Cottage Health, Emblem Health and others have leveraged modern technology to enable transformative innovation and continuous improvement across their operations resulting in overall cost savings, process optimization, and clinical improvements.

In this session we’ll learn from customer success stories and further explore how healthcare organizations can modernize, transform and align their finance, supply chain, and human capital applications to optimize their ability to deliver high quality and affordable care while better managing costs, increasing profit margins, and reducing waste in a data-driven enterprise.

Featured Speaker

Hector Rodriguez, MBA

Industry Vice President and Executive Director, Healthcare

Hector Rodriguez is Oracle’s Healthcare Industry Vice President and Executive Director. Hector is an experienced healthcare solution strategist and technologist and has worked for over 20 years in the healthcare industry with provider, health plan, post-acute care and life sciences organizations. His work is aligned with a healthcare organization’s “Quadruple Aim” objectives to improve the patient and caregiver experience, improve population health and reduce costs. His work focuses on leveraging modern technology as an innovative and transformative catalyst to accelerate and support a healthcare organizations ability to optimize their “care-centric” supply chain coupled with their human capital to provide total health and wellness solutions and services to their community.


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