Discover ways to successfully navigate the rest of this tumultuous year and beyond. Ensuring excellent guest service with less staff while increasing revenue and capitalizing on technology is every hospitality operator’s dream. OPERA Cloud Property Management is purpose-built for exactly that, we can help you make that dream a reality.  Join our product experts to get a sneak peek of the latest features, designed to anticipate and meet the ever-changing needs of hospitality operators around the world.

Learn how partnering with Oracle Hospitality can help you seize the opportunities that change inevitably will bring.  With the right PMS technology, you can transform hotel operations by:

  • Enabling personalization and consistently delivering exceptional guest experiences
  • Increasing security, reducing complexity of IT and lowering total cost of ownership
  • Empowering employees with powerful capabilities, enhancing productivity and the employee experience

Featured Speakers:

Tanya Pratt

Associate VP, OPERA Cloud Strategy, Hospitality Global Business Unit

A seasoned hotelier, Tanya spent over 20 years at Fairmont Hotels, where she was most recently responsible for digital transformation, innovation and management of global programs. Her current focus is on driving value through increased levels of engagement with customers and delivering hospitality solutions that enable and enhance strategic business priorities. 

Kyle Wease

Director of Solution Engineering, Hospitality Global Business Unit

Kyle has more than 24 years in the hospitality industry, occupying a variety of roles in hotel operations and at Micros/Oracle.  Kyle’s deep understanding of hospitality enabled him to drive customer adoption of Oracle solutions and collaborate with partners through the globe, recently participating in Oracle Hospitality Innovation Week and Cyber HITEC.

Jack Wang

Senior Solution Engineer, Hospitality Global Business Unit

Jack has served the hospitality industry for nearly 20 years, from luxury hotels to high-volume resorts. In over 10 years with Oracle Hospitality, Jack held senior roles within the Consulting, Client Success, and Solution Engineering teams. Jack holds a degree In Hotel Management from UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hospitality.


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