5G service providers can turn security into a high-growth revenue-generation opportunity by combining the flexibility and scalability of cloud-native architectures with the intelligence, automation and integration capabilities. Security assurance capabilities play an important role for service providers to be confident in the integrity of their 5G networks and (sliced) services.

Companies rely on security operations teams to find solutions to protect their data and services.

The good news? With Nokia´s cybersecurity dome there are ways to manage and mitigate security risks in your and your customers critical infrastructure.

The webinar will share best practices how service providers can integrate their disparate security systems into a single platform, letting security teams look across and into any aspect quickly while easily managing complex operations.

Featured Speaker

Rodrigo Brito

Head of Product Management, Cybersecurity and IoT

As the Head of the Cybersecurity and IoT products at Nokia, Rodrigo is responsible for building products which keep ahead of the latest threats, while CSPs make their path to 5G. Having a strong background in the telecommunications, cybersecurity and device management industries, he’s held several leadership positions in product management and R&D.