It is widely understood that digital services based on 5G are an emerging Trillion-Dollar opportunity for Communications Service Providers. However it is all about agility: Already today customers demand on-time response to their needs. And no CSP can fully predict today the use cases, network services or business models that will be successful tomorrow, or how customer requirements will evolve over time. This webinar looks at how CSPs can gain the agility to port use cases and services from one customer or segment to another, quickly and seamlessly. In the webinar we will examine:

  • What agility means for concrete services and use cases
  • How we can quickly adapt a service for multiple different industries
  • How catalog based service orchestration and DevOps priniciples bring agility to operations 
  • How to achieve agility across the whole value chain
  • How the journey towards automated agile operations looks like

Featured Speakers

Volker Held

Head of Managed Services, Marketing

At Nokia, Volker is combining the technology and business side of innovation. He is a 5G veteran from the very beginning and the co-author of the famous 5G triangle with the three 5G use case. Volker was leading Nokia’s 5G market development activities for several years. Right from the early days of 5G he has been making the point that its transformative benefit will be unfolded in the enterprise sector.

Stefan Kindt

CSP Solutions Marketing Manager

Stefan works as solution marketing manager at Nokia, driving technology and e2e solution topics to the CSP market. Having held several positions in sales, marketing, operations and business lines in the ICT industry for more than 20 years, Stefan has gained extensive knowledge in fixed and mobile networks, managements system as well as the datacenter space and the cloud domain with global market insight and first-hand experience from Europe and Asia.

Date:  Thursday, July 30, 2020
Time:  11am ET / 8am PT
Duration:  1 Hour

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