For all the hype around 5G Fixed Wireless operators must have a solid business case in place for launching services – and without a 5G self-install modem option in place they currently don’t have one. Pre-standard 5G launches have seen operators install roof-top antennae to receive 5G radio signals but the time and cost of this will stifle mass-market 5G Fixed Wireless deployment. However, NetComm’s launch of new self-install technology will allow operators to slash the time and cost of 5G Fixed Wireless connection whilst still allowing for the delivery of an optimum connection that provides a fibre-like experience to their customers. Join the webinar to find out how NetComm’s 5G self-install technology could create huge opportunities for operators.

Featured Speaker

Els Baert

Director - Marketing and Communications

Els is an experienced marketing strategist and is responsible for all the marketing and communications activities for NetComm globally. Els is responsible for business growth through the development of thought leadership in global markets. Her specialty lies in bridging the gap between technology and marketing with a focus on bringing value to the customers.

Iain Gillott.png

Iain Gillott

Founder and President 

Iain Gillott, the founder and president of iGR, is an acknowledged wireless and mobile industry authority and an accomplished presenter. Before founding iGR, Mr. Gillott was a Group Vice President in IDC's Telecommunications practice, managing IDC's worldwide research on wireless and mobile communications and Internet access, telecom brands, residential and small business telecommunications and telecom billing services.


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