A Movement for Organisational Change

Introducing The Nature of Work (NOW) Festival.

Your organisation is a living, dynamic system, that thrives through relationships, natural growth and organic structures. For centuries we have behaved as though organisations were machines, treating people as parts of those machines.  

As we face ever more complex challenges and crises, whether through the climate emergency, global pandemics, or social injustices, the language of nature can help us better understand ourselves, each other and this whole world on which we all so deeply rely and which we so profoundly impact. 

Based on the ground-breaking new book, Nature of Work, by Paul Miller and Shimrit Janes, The NOW Festival, co-produced by Digital Workplace Group and Questex, will draw on 12 essential workplace elements to illustrate a new story of work – providing change-makers in organisations of any size with the inspiration, language and tools to evolve their workplaces from organisation to organism. 

Download The 12 Essential Workplace Elements
That will help you assess the overall health and growth potential of your organisation.