The continuous-wave time-of-flight (cwToF) technology can be applied in more and more use cases, from the car interior monitoring system to a smart vacuum cleaner at home. Offering a comprehensive introduction to cwToF, this presentation details the principles behind the technology, and especially the mechanism of the pixel.

Featured Speaker:

Arthur Duhamel

Applications Engineer

Arthur Duhamel was born in Rouen, France in 1991. He graduated at the Institute of Electronics and Digital Engineering (ISEN) in Lille (France) in 2016 with an engineering degree in embedded electronics. In January 2017 he joined Melexis inside the OPTO business unit  as an Associate Applications Engineer for time of flight sensors. There he worked on the first generation of Melexis time of flight chipset MLX75023 and MLX75123 and in 2018 he participated in the development of the second generation time of flight chipset (MLX75024 & MLX75123BA). Today as a confirmed applications engineer inside Melexis' Time of Flight engineering team he is supporting customers developing ToF cameras systems based on Melexis' Gen.2 and Gen.3 ToF sensors.

Date:  Thursday, July 30, 2020 
Time:  10am ET / 4pm CET
Duration:  1 Hour

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