Global wearable device traffic is expected to surpass 40 zettabytes by zettabyte equals 1 trillion gigabytes. And this big data explosion is just as apparent within clinical trials. Non-CRF (case report reform) data now represents 70% of clinical data and is growing at 40% per year.

The challenge isn’t having enough data, but to understand what is relevant and how to use it in a meaningful way.

Medical device research includes collecting data from the devices themselves, electronic data capture and companion devices, like fitness monitors. Halloran Consulting will present on how this trend presents an opportunity to learn from the early days of EDC in determining which data is meaningful and how to design trials and systems to leverage the availability of data instead of being overwhelmed by it.

Additionally, Chiltern/Covance will illustrate how data-driven decision-making solutions based on evolving technology are influencing strategies for managing risk, quality and performance management.

Featured Speakers:

Ms. Sapna Hornyak

Executive Vice President, Medical Device and Diagnostics

Paola Murphy

Managing Director
Halloran Consulting Group

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