[Whitepaper] The Great Data Transition: Making the Move from Claims to EHR Data

Life sciences organizations face increasing pressure to prove the value of existing and new therapies. This creates an ideal opportunity for life sciences organizations to transition from a claims-data only environment to one that also leverages insights from EHR data. Yet many researchers and analysts have been reluctant to incorporate EHR data into their real-world data strategies, despite its proven ability to offer valuable clinical perspective beyond claims and data sourced from highly controlled clinical trials.

Adapting how we think about EHR data becomes easier when we understand the source content and how sophisticated technologies like natural language processing (NLP) are essential to its accurate analysis. This white paper explores the value of EHR data and how the immediacy of its availability can be significantly impactful, particularly as the health care system works to address the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). 

Download this white paper for insight into:

  • How EHR data improves patient understanding
  • Evident data vs. emergent data in EHR
  • Attributes of high-quality EHR data
  • Potential value of EMR data and how it differs from EHR data

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