[Whitepaper] Simplify and Accelerate Drug R&D With the MarkLogic Data Hub Service for Pharma R&D

For pharmaceutical companies, the discovery of new molecules and the cost of developing a successful medicine can take up to 15 years and $2.6 billion — slowing potentially life-saving drugs from getting to the patients who need them and resulting in abandonment of drug trials when faced with potential failure. In this industry, even small improvements to streamline R&D processes can lead to substantially higher revenue and lower costs. To achieve those goals, pharmaceutical companies need to leverage their massive data assets that include decades of research and clinical trial data.

The challenge is that researchers are often unable to access the information they need. And, even when data does get consolidated, researchers find it difficult to sift through it all and make sense of it in order to confidently draw the right conclusions and share the right results. Of course IT departments that serve the R&D organization are working to solve this problem, but they are often stuck focusing on the IT plumbing rather than building end-user solutions.

MarkLogic’s Pharma Research Hub is a single pane of glass that provides easy access to the widest possible array of R&D data, whether that’s publications, authors, genes, or drugs, structured and unstructured, public and private. Because all data is integrated 10X faster than with custom-developed solutions, researchers using the Pharma Research Hub can quickly and easily find, synthesize, and share information—accelerating and improving R&D.

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