Liquid-filled capsule technology has a proven record for addressing complex API formulation challenges, but also offers a simple and effective pathway to the clinic. The capsules can be used with an array of pharmaceutically approved lipid-based excipients, offering formulation flexibility from LFCS type I to type IV and effective API containment.

This presentation will discuss:

  • Illustration of how to formulate, characterize lipid formulations starting from API physico-chemical and biological attributes
  • Details of scaling up safely for highly potent API
  • Demonstration of efficiency for early stage clinical trials

Featured Speakers

Annabel Igonin 

Senior Manager Pharmaceutical Formulation, Product Development 

Annabel Igonin, is Senior Manager Pharmaceutical Formulation Development at Lonza Ploermel, France.  Annabel joined Lonza R&D, Colmar (then Capsugel) in 2003 and is currently responsible for leading formulation development activities for the development of NCEs, 505(b)(2) and generic drug products. She has over 15 years a scientific expertise in oral drug delivery focused on bioavailability enhancement for poorly water soluble drugs with successful drug product development from pre-clinical to registration. Annabel has a Pharmacy degree (MPharm) from the University of Lyon and has contributed to 20 scientific peer reviewed publications and is the inventor of 3 patents.

Jenifer Mains

Senior Manager Formulation

Jenifer has a Pharmacy (MPharm) degree and a Ph.D in Drug Delivery from University of Strathclyde and worked as a post-doctoral research associate across a range of industry funded projects in oral and ocular drug delivery. Jenifer joined Lonza Edinburgh in 2012 (then Encap Drug Delivery) and is a Senior Manager for Formulation currently leading a team of pharmaceutical scientists from a range of backgrounds. Jenifer is responsible for leading a range of different liquid filled hard capsules (LFHC) projects spanning the formulation development, clinical and commercial lifecycle, in a range of therapy areas.


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