As market demand continues to rise for more potent and effective therapeutics, biologic pipelines are evolving from standard antibody formats to next-generation biologics (NGBs). There is a real need for robust and scalable expression platforms that can keep pace with this shift towards more complex protein formats, which can prove challenging for traditional expression systems.

In this webinar we will discuss and demonstrate application through case studies, two significant enhancements to Lonza’s GS Xceed® expression system to help address the challenges of NGBs. Firstly, GS multigene vectors, designed to allow expression of complex proteins with rapid integration of up to 4 genes of interest. Secondly, GS piggyBac™ technology which employs a highly active transposase enzyme to deliver expression vectors  into genome sites characterised by an open chromatin structure and high gene expression levels. We will discuss how GS piggyBac™ was used to create stable CHO pools with improved expression for a challenging to express protein.

Featured Speaker

Alison Porter, PhD

Head of Expression System Sciences
Lonza Pharma & Biotech

Alison Porter serves as the Head of Expression System Sciences where she provides in-depth scientific and technical leadership to those working with Lonza’s GS Gene Expression System®. Alison specializes in expression systems and the construction of recombinant cell lines. She holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the University of Manchester.


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