With the on-going information explosion, natural language processing (NLP)-based text mining has become important to gain meaning effectively from unstructured text.  However, text mining tools are often too sophisticated for business users to use and can be limited to a few “power users”.  This presentation gives an example of how to put the power of text mining in the hands of business users such as biologists.  A text mining tool (Linguamatics I2E) is deployed through intuitive web portals so that little or no training is required for business users, to get the answers they need from scientific reports and literature. Use cases from toxicology, real world evidence, and clinical analytics are described.

Featured Speakers

Eric Su

Eli Lilly

Dr. Eric Su is a Consultant at Eli Lilly and Company. He has research experience in molecular biology, bioinformatics, data mining and text mining. Eric mines various texts including scientific literatures, surveys, and call center scripts. He received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, and did post-doctoral research at DFCI/Harvard University.

Jane Reed

Director, Life Sciences

Dr. Jane Reed is Director, Life Sciences, at Linguamatics, an IQVIA company. Jane is responsible for developing the strategic vision for Linguamatics’ growing product portfolio and business development in the life science domain. Jane has extensive experience in life sciences informatics. She has worked for more than 15 years in vendor companies supplying data products, data integration and analysis and consultancy to pharma and biotech - with roles at Instem, BioWisdom, Incyte, and Hexagen.