What’s better than an effective solution that vastly improves patient engagement, experience and outcomes? Effective solutions that improve outcomes are also cheap and easy to use. There are examples of this kind of innovation across healthcare — from using the model of an airline pilot-style checklist to improving teeth brushing that work because of a different kind of thinking about some of the most pervasive problems in healthcare.

Topics for discussion may include:

  • Case studies offering top examples of out-of-the-box thinking in health care.
  • How thinking differently about problems can change everything about how a health system tackles a problem.
  • Lessons healthcare can take from other industries about overcoming barriers and empowering creative thinking into its culture.

Featured Speaker

Nick Dawson

Emergency Design Collective

Nick has been at the forefront of bringing innovation and design to healthcare providers, policy makers, and industry leaders as a way to solve our most intractable challenges. In 2020, Nick co-founded the Emergency Design Collective to bring doctors, designers, technologists and academics together to create rapid responses to urgent health crises. 

Christy Anderson

Executive Director, Banner Innovation Group
Banner Health

Christy Anderson is the Executive Director for the Banner Innovation Group (BIG) at Banner Health.  Her team is responsible for innovating the healthcare experience for all consumers by understanding the friction points and unmet needs.  Some of their work includes transforming the wait experience in Urgent Cares & Emergency Departments and building loyalty with new parents. 

Jyotirmay Datta

EVP and Business Head – Healthcare Industry Vertical
L&T Technology Services

Jyotirmay Datta is the Executive Vice President at L&T Technology Services and heads the Healthcare Business based out of San ta Clara, CA. As the Business Head, he has responsibility for L&T’s businesses across the Medical Device and Lifesciences OEMs, Provide r N etwork and Telehealth companies. With 30 years of experience in the Technology and Healthcare industries, Jyotirmay specialize in shaping, nurturing and leading businesses that serve the needs of Medtech & Lifesciences companies and Healthcare providers in improving access, efficacy and outcome of Connected Care across the care pathway.

Michael Akinyele,MBA, SES

VA Chief Innovation Officer and Principal Lead
VA Innovation Center (VIC)

Mr. Michael Akinyeleis the Chief Innovation Officer of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). He was appointed to the Senior Executive Service (SES) effective November 10, 2019 and is responsible for leading, transforming and scaling enterprise innovation at the VA. His current efforts are focused on implementing Section 152 of the MISSION Act of 2018 which established the Center for Innovation for Care and Payment at the VA. He is also the Principal Lead of the VA Innovation Center (VIC) which organizationally reports through the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Enterprise Integration. He has served in this role in an acting capacity since March 2018.


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