The original goal of cell and gene therapy was to deliver a single administration that would maintain therapeutic effectiveness over a patient’s lifetime. This ‘one and done’ model appears to have worked for some gene therapies, where promising follow-up data has been observed. In some instances, however, such as in the case of gene therapy for hemophilia, a single dose may not be enough and redosing may be required. In this webinar, our speakers will discuss:

  • Strategies for both one-time and redosing gene therapies
  • What redosing means for the commercialization strategy
  • Considerations for manufacturing and market access

Featured Speakers

Vivek Mittal, PhD

Partner and Managing Director, Gene Therapy Expert
Health Advances

      • Leads Health Advances’ Gene Therapy Practice
      • Expertise in portfolio planning and new opportunity identification across therapeutic areas, with specific interest in ophthalmology, orphan/genetic disease, and oncology
      • Experience with all aspects of gene therapy including manufacturing, clinical trial design and commercial strategy
      • BioEntrepreneurship Core Washington University in Saint Louis, Co-Director
      • Washington University, St. Louis, PhD. Molecular Cell Biology
      • Department of Nephrology Boston University Medical Center, Graduate Research Assistant
      • Boston University, BA, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Amanda Sani

Consultant, Gene Therapy Expert
Health Advances

      • Member of Health Advances’ Gene Therapy Practice
      • Author of multiple gene therapy publications
      • Functional experience in portfolio prioritization, and commercialization strategy
      • Therapeutic area experience in oncology, neurology, orphan, and genetic disease
      • Health Advances, LLC, Analyst Intern
      • Google, BOLD Intern
      • Stanford University, BA, Human Biology, Concentration in Cancer, Stem Cell, and Developmental Biology

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